Drass designs and manufactures diving systems since 1927 and currently has the largest developing business and ongoing projects. Drass 100 Series is the only recognized, standard and complete package of industrialized equipment of serial production in the industry.
Most of the diving components and equipment are developed in house granting the best delivery time and the maximum level of quality. Thanks to the intense R&D activity, Drass holds key patents covering important solutions applicable to the saturation diving.
Drass is deeply involved in the vessel integration of the diving spread offering a turnkey engineering to the ship designers, and a complete support to the ship builders during the commissioning and testing.

With over a century of uninterrupted business, DRASS Galeazzi is recognized as one of the founders of Italy’s rich history of subsea innovation. During naval trials in 1930, the Galeazzi atmospheric diving suit broke world records for the deepest descents ever reached, to a staggering depth of 300 msw, with worldwide demand for many decades. DRASS’ state-of-the-art range of diving helmets and personal diving equipment remain popular to this day.
With a tradition of defence products dating back to World War II, DRASS continue to supply navies with state-of-the-art midget submarines, swimmer delivery vehicles, submarine rescue solutions:  submarine rescue vessels and equipment as well as submarine training and lockout solutions.

DRASS is the leading supplier of diving systems worldwide, having designed and manufactured the majority of certified diving systems built since 1967. Commercial diving solutions cover saturation diving systems and equipment, hydraulic LARS (launch & recovery systems), surface diving systems, personal diver equipment and diving components.
A fierce proponent of hyperbaric therapy since the 1950s, DRASS solutions continue to include cutting-edge hyperbaric chambers for oxygen therapy, hyperbaric chambers for tunnel boring machines, environmental control systems for confined/controlled areas, hyperbaric wet and dry simulators for commercial and defence sectors.
DRASS is a complete production facility able to develop in-house advanced welding activities, skidding for hydraulic gas and water systems, PLC control and gas management systems, and electrical panels. Its facilities also support modular deliveries, including containerization and mobilization for onshore/offshore commissioning.

Leaders in innovative, safe and cost-efficient systems and equipment in compliance with the highest industry standards, DRASS values personal and professional growth of its people in an eco-friendly harmonious working environment, and builds long-term trusted relationships with its business partners.