Everybody is aware that Scuba Diving is a challenge between man and the glamorous mystery of the sea. As far as New Shark (exFree Shark) is concerned, a futher challenge is manufacturing and the marketing high-technology scuba diving equipment yet based on quality and aesthetics.

The great experience gained by New Shark ( ex-Free Shark) through steady and professional researching and testing in all of the seas of the world, has taught us that the innovation and the advance of our equipment let us get closer to the ideal of perfection that means simplicity and essentiality, bringing together technology and beauty. In the last years, scuba diving has completely changed.

Today we really "live" the sea, scuba diving equipment must satisfy both technical and requirements aesthetics flavor. For this reason a wet suit not only must keep the body warm and be comfortable as well as reliable but also it should be nice to see and well colored like a close fitting-dress.

Our products do not fear the ice in the North or the hottest temperature in the South For this all, over the last years we have improved and expanded the manufacture of personalized and made-to-measure equipment. The company philosophy tries to keep unchanged the magical alchemy between technical research and quality, beauty and essentiality.



Our client is: unconventional and, in search of an exclusive and distinctive.
Our experience is rooted in a historical manufacturing activity that has marked the evolution of diving, when there was not yet a need to distinguish recreational from technical, because growth at a professional level was a continuous development following a strong and cemented cohesion between the professionals in the sector.
This indispensable knowledge has become the foundation of a new idea
entrepreneurship that wants to lead that strong and original craft vocation
to a more flexible relationship with the different types of customers, be they neophytes or experienced divers .
A targeted search for materials, refined production solutions and the 'tailor-made
made-to-measure' are the fulcrum of what today can be defined as a production that becomes sartorial , capable of standing out in a market suffocated by massifying products
with special attention and dedication to the world of the disabled and the
customised in all its various forms and needs.
Our BCDs are distinguished by an evident completeness of detail and a
deep care in the realisation capable of grasping different needs from pure
to extreme experiences with a range of semi-technical buoys of great interest.
of great interest. We have been among the first companies in Italy to have  OUR JACKETS certified ACCORDING TO THE EUROPEAN LAWS:

  • EN 250: 2000
  • EN 1809 : 1997
  • Certifier code: 0474.

The wetsuit collection aims at essentiality and is defined by simple but
functional, capable of meeting different needs from pure recreation to extreme
extreme experiences.
The aim and intent of the brand is to make even more passionate and
safe what we believe to be a discipline with many and still unexplored
potential: UNDERWATER.
We want to give you indelible memories!


Since 30 years up to now New Shark's  (ex-Free Shark) scuba equipment is the only one that takes care of every details.

On pursuing leading principle, New Shark produces scuba equipment that offers quality, safety and personality, respecting all personal need.

Scuba services:

  • Tailring hand made wet suit
  • Personalized logos
  • Tailoring hand made  dry suit
  • Handcrafted BCDs
  • Any kind of personalized logo on BCD
  • Special repair on any kind of neoprene diving
  • and surf suit
  • Assistance/overhauling/upkeeping of any kind
  • of scuba regulators and technical scuba equipment
  • Nitrox filling station up to 40%