CETMA Sea Bull 80 Carbon Speargun

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SEA BULL 80 was created exclusively for the medium and shallow sea fisherman.
Its power and precision are the priorities to guarantee an effective shot.
Thanks to its reduced mass, it reduces the friction of the wave motion in the undertow.  Even its smallest detail is designed down in order to facilitate lateral movements of difficult areas along the coast.
The study of geometries and volumes, in addition to aesthetics, is aimed at balancing loads, maximizing flexural rigidity and minimizing recoil.

The VELA system, developed for CETMA COMPOSITES rifles, has an innovative stopper which is placed after the pulleys allowing a longer range and a clear line of sight.

VELA system is the system that maximizes the performance of the SEA BULL 80 rifle, zero recoil with centimeter precision. The different setting depends on individual underwater hunting needs.

Depending on the type of rod and diameter of the elastic chosen, the drilling capacity and power can be modified. The recommended elastic elongation factor is from 305% to max 320%, but can be modified according to individual needs (see the table).

SEA BULL 80 is supplied ready for fishing with all standard accessories:
- Tahitian auction
- ERMES trigger mechanism
- Reel support, and V50 / V90 / Vertical 65 carbon reel, and Dyneema;
- Camera bracket;
- Rifle bag;
- Magnum Plus muzzle and kit of elastics, pre-assembled with the VELA propulsion system.
All accessories are made of 316L stainless steel and the pulleys in Derlin.
High modulus carbon monocoque with closed structure.
The internal structure is made of very low density polyfunctional polymer material with structural properties used for aerospace applications. It is a closed cell polymer core with vibration damping capabilities.

SEA BULL 80 has an extremely thin cuttlefish bone geometry, tapering towards the tip. On the entire lower part, the motor unit, made up of elastic bands, is appropriately spaced from the frame in order to facilitate loading and eliminate any form of friction or vibration on the frame during shooting. The particular wave-shaped belly all the more reduces the friction of the elastics, increasing the stiffness of the shaft.

Extremely low thickness: an average thickness of just 18 mm, with points of 2.4 cm. Width that varies from 7.3 mm in the reel area, and narrows again to 5 cm in the muzzle.

Anti-reflective matte finish. CETMA COMPOSITES products are not painted. This is synonymous with quality; in fact, very often low-quality carbon products are painted just to hide defects related to the production process.

Productive process
The completely innovative production process, discovered and studied by CETMA COMPOSITES is called "Zero-Defects Technology”, allows the creation of a totally monolithic piece in carbon fiber with zero voids. This process therefore maximizes the performance of the structure, making it as rigid as possible and unalterable over time.




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